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What is GAP insurance and how does it work?


Insurance products such as GAP (the word gap) operate on the principle of covering a financial investment "gap", which would otherwise be lost by the owner of the vehicle.

A new vehicle begins to lose its market value when it is purchased. However, mostly in the first three years after its purchase and the value may drop to half its original cost. In today’s insurance world, it is most unlikely that the payout you receive from your primary insurance will be sufficient enough to purchase a replacement vehicle of the same make or type without having to pay money out of your own pocket.

Currently we offer EuroGAP, which can protect the value of your vehicle up to its purchase price, and LeaseGAP, which covers the difference between the market (general) price of the vehicle and the outstanding balance of financing a vehicle. LeaseGAP simply protects you against the debt to the bank or leasing company.

Description of the options of both types of insurance and other details can be found in subsections About GAP Insurance.

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